When life gives you lemons,
let us make the lemonade!

You take care of what you know best:
managing your business and improving products and services.
We will take care of letting everyone know how awesome they are!

What We Do

By unifying your image, message, and communication to be concise and memorable, we develop just the marketing strategy you need:

Brand Marketing Strategy

Your organization has an identity of its own. It has a personality and it even speaks with its own voice. We are experts at capturing all of that essence to express exactly what you need to say.

Creative Production

We connect brands to people by crafting stories that resonate on a deeper level through design.


We love working directly with business owners in all types of industries and markets. As your creative partner, we will develop and implement strategies to take advantage of your brand's unique opportunities.

Our Services

WE cover just any marketing product you can think of under one roof. Here is a list, but remember: we are friends! So if you think of anything else, we’ll SQUEEZE IT!


  • Sites
  • Hotsites
  • Digital Planning
  • E-commerce
  • Experience Design
  • Mobile and Desktop app
  • Social media
  • Intranet
  • Business Intelligence
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO


  • Concept
  • Campaigns
  • Movies
  • Radio
  • Merchandising
  • Naming
  • Below the Line

All Lines

  • 360º planning
  • Branding
  • Creative Concept
  • Integrated Campaigns

Special Packages

Are you looking for a solution that is ready to roll?
Here is our piece of cake…I mean, our packages that cover almost every scenario:

in a paper cup

  • Brand Development
  • Stationary


  • Brand Development
  • Website

Graphic Lemonade
with Sugar

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Social Medias Ads


  • Brand Development
  • Stationary
  • Off-line Marketing


  • Brand Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Media Ads
  • Newsletter Mailing

Plain Digital

  • Website
  • Social Media Ads


  • Brand Development
  • Stationary
  • Off-line Marketing
  • Store Design

Key Lime

  • Our marketing strategy consultancy to mix and match all of our services according to your business’ needs, just the way you want it. Full coaching for new businesses or rebranding!

Contact Us

Just hit us at info@themarketinglemonade.com to schedule a meeting.
If you are in a rush, just tell us what you need and we will get a quote ready asap.
We’d love to have you at the office for a refreshing lemonade round though.
Rumor has it we have the best one in town!

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